HC Solo Masochist Fire DOT Mage Guide

Hello guys, MBJ89 here :slight_smile:
I would like to present my new video about fire sorcerer ignite dot build for hc solo masochist mode. It is very simple but satisfying build that you should try on when you challenge yourself with masochist hardcore mode :wink:
Right now my mage is lvl 48 going through act 7 and for now it is very smooth playstyle.
You can’t forget that masochist mode is a big challenge and your adrenaline is pumping like crazy sometimes :slight_smile: Combining with hardcore mode and solo self found it is very fun and you can really make YOLO:)
Hope you guys enjoy it,
See you guys soon with some more personal ideas for masochist hardcore builds :wink:


Hey MBJ!

Happy to see another SSF HC Masochist player! Your build is definitely interesting, I will try the fire way eventualy! I’m a lv39 sorcerer, lightning blast build.

With your video, you did confirm one of my theory: the statement that resistance is the most important stats in HC Masochist mode is not accurate, at least early levels. Learning the mobs and boss behavior help more.

I will follow your thread and start mine this week with my build!

Good luck!

Hello there Malouin,
Happy to see someone who wanna talk with me about masochist mode. I ll make some video about tips for masochist players, there are certain parts of acts 1-6 when in my opinion you should have some safe amount of hp or resistances🙂 for example when you kill boss before picking your mastery you should have like 600 hp to not be one shotted in this encounter.
Second thing about resistances - I can agree with you - in early levels like 1-30 they are not so important. But for act 5 boss with lightning skills resistances are important. I GOT necromancer with low light ress and got killed in 2 skills - 800 hp poof and it’s gone :slightly_smiling_face:
Mechanics and more knowledge about game is important to make you success in maso mode🙂
I am so addicted to it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Cheers dude and gl with your mage!

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Nice build! I wonder how far can you get with this character. Hope you can make it to Emp. Timelines. DoT builds are reliable and safe so you can kite a lot if you need.

Well, I guess it will take many more deaths and many more characters before I ll learn game mechanics. But as I am still playing, the game is becoming easier. I remember when I start playing maso hc it was big success for me to get to mastery and play through next act. Right now it is no a big deal - of course I die sometimes because of being overconfident or by some stupid positioning by accident :wink: Act 7 is something I am learning now, then act 8 and monos :slight_smile: Just some more time and completing hc maso won’t be a big deal :wink:
Going on vacations soon, be back at half of July and will play more then !
Maybe with this mage, who knows :wink:
If not, still have 5-10 builds in mind that wanna try on.
This one is a very nice and easy playstyle that can clear whole storyline - if of course you won’t be one shotted :slight_smile: especially on bosses :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to do 1 build that I have in mind for like two months. Waiting for July and going to do it ! :wink:
Cheers guys :wink:


Yup, having just started a melee masochist character, it’s not trivial…

what the build is it? Can you share ? :smiley:

I ve tested his build like month ago but died due to bad positioning <3 problem is that sometimes I play at work so that’s why I can’t make videos really fast :smiley: right now I am playing this mage + testing some fun rogue build :wink: after that ll make this build I mentioned post earlier :wink:
GOOD to see more hc masochist players !


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