HC Lag Protection

there is no protection against lag whatsoever, get a 2-3 second lag and your hc char is gone, no idea how ppl get to 100 with this, you d have to be so unbelievable lucky not to get a single lag in all that time. You cant log or crash the game when u realise it like you can in PoE you can just watch your hp go down while monster look frozen until you are dead.

I just logged in, game lags out in the very first seconds of the very first mono and boom, HC Char gone. Second time for this character.

Its a good game but your servers are not good enough to handle HC like you do now.
Im out for now, thanks for the good time, I hope to read about improvements in this area in the future !


A little more information and any possible suggestions and solutions would be good …

I personally only find the shard shrines, playing long periods of time, and extremely large amounts of mob grouping to be a problem for “lag”

With that kind of connection to the game, HC is a bad idea. Many of us have good connections no serious issues with lag.

Updates to connectivity will happen all the time. There won’t be one big announcement that all problems have been solved for all players forever.

If you want to be part of the solution, put in a ticket including details of your ISP, connection type, hardware, etc.

those sound like memory loss related “extra” lags which suck but usually last less than a second so I never died to them. I mean almost disconnect several seconds lag which dont appear often, maybe once in 10h but kill you almost guaranteed if you are in a mono.

Solutions are technical, but somehow the server has to realise that my client doesnt send any packets anymore/ cannot recieve them and DC it rather then waiting several seconds for it to come back online and than tell it its dead…

Yes, most of these are memory leak issues that need to be fixed so usually restarted sooner than later is ideal as of now…

As for your scenario, there really is no way to instantly tell if you afked or if your computer/isp completely dc’s or froze… Sounds more like a personal issue in more cases than not… If they put in some protection, everyone would just pull the plug at times

Packet loss is a common occurrence and isn’t necessarily indicative of server issues. It could be beneficial to trace which routers are dropping packets and seek assistance from your ISP to resolve the issue. Alternatively, using a VPN might help mitigate the problem. Depending on your region, online play might not be the most suitable option for you. If servers were to disconnect you after not receiving a packet for just 100ms, disconnections would be frequent. Since you mentioned wanting to take a break from the game, perhaps consider using this time to learn about internet protocols and network architecture basics. Best of luck! <3

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there are absolutely ways to tell if I didnt send an input / afk or if the server cannot communicate with my client. Plus I think they SHOULD let ppl pull the plug to save their char if they cant do it. But thats exactly my point, they do nothing to prevent it PLUS they dont let me pull the plug thats why its bad.

i actually studied computer science so I know you can do better :wink:

Yes but it still takes time to detect, nothing will be instant… Let’s say if your isp does drop and/or packets freeze/lost and/or whateve

r. Regardless whatever the case may be, it will not be instant and take a few seconds before it knows that you something happened rather than you are just not responding… If it is just based automatically on no response and auto dc, it will happen very frequently like @ishowernaked said

So what you’re saying is that you’re getting the actual Hardcore mode experience in this game, instead of the version that POE lets you get away with where you can cheese the challenge away with a logout macro.


no. hardcore is actually fine in itself, very beginner friendly and easy actually, especially compared to PoE. Just the DC/Lag situation is badly handled.

Thats just wrong from a technical standpoint. As I said its possible, u just have to want to do it.