HC Character didn't die but was sent to SC

I was fighting the abomination. I killed him, picked my blessing, and ported back to “end of time”. Went to sell my loot and noticed I only had 1000 gold from my original 70000 gold, and all my items were missing. Thought maybe it was a game error, so I logged out and logged back in with the hope that I would get my items back, but I was sent to SC. I had no death screen, I killed the boss got the loot and everything.

If possible, what I would like is 1 of 2 things?

  1. Put my character back in hardcore, so I can keep playing.

  2. Move all my hardcore stuff to my softcore account. The game is really fun, but in the current state, it’s really bad for hardcore play. The group I play with had at least 5 hardcore deaths from logging into a zone. Needlessly to say, it’s very frustrating, and it is a real shame, because when hardcore is working correctly, it is extremely fun, and creates an investment into your character, but when you character dies due to technical issues and not the gameplay, it takes the wind out of your sails. Hopefully, my resolutions are acceptable. Thank you for your time.

I can’t address the requests but…

The situation is really bizarre. That’s some very odd behavior. Did you file a bug report and up load your player log?

I did file a bug report. However, how do i up load a player log?

Have you tried to play since the bug? If you’ve started up the game more than twice since the player log will no longer be relevant. It only saves the last two instances, currently. Hopefully if you did it in-game it grabbed that info (I don’t know how that works because I’m so used to the old way.)

I logged back into the game few times. I thought maybe it was just a bug, and logging out and logging back in would solve it.

Yeah, I would’ve tried to do the same. I’ve seen things kinda like that happen. But usually a re-log fixes it. Your situation is just really weird.