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Hazel Bear - a Werebear Bleed Hazelroot build (0.8.4)

Use the Hazelroot Scepter to generate tons of Armor (and flat reflect) on a high attack speed Bleed Werebear.

Rahyeh (normal)

Mono gameplay

Build Planner

Skill Breakdown

  • Werebear Form - Main skill. Spec into bleed, Fury Leap, Warcry, Rage on Hit and Armor Shred.
  • Spriggan Form - Supplemental skill. Spec into Thorn shield nodes only. We don’t ever transform into this form.
  • Swipe - Main skill. Spec into Aspect of Panther, Bleed, Phys Shred, Cull 12%, and Health on hit.
  • Fury Leap - Main skill. Procs on Maul. Spec into damage, cooldown, global damage + attack speed and some Area.
  • Warcry - Supplemental skill. Procs on Rampage. Spec into Berserker, Haste + Frenzy, and Heal + Cleanse.

Required Uniques:

  • Hazelroot - this gives you stacks of Thorn Shield on most of your skills, especially Swipe.
  • Thorn Slinger - +1 phys skills, reflect
  • Undisputed - bleed, leech, attack speed and stacking bonus bleed damage.
  • Bleeding Heart - leech for Bleed

Strong Uniques:

Gameplay Notes
Swipe will generate tons of Thorn Shields granting a lot of armor + flat reflect. I typically get Armor mitigation over 80%, and most trash mobs die to reflect before I can really hit them. You focus on the tough mobs (rares, high health, etc.) and the rest just die to reflect. You can Maul packs to make it go faster.

Rampage (activates Warcry “Berserk”) + Maul (activates Fury Leap “Rage”) kicks your attack speed to Ludicrous Speed (Spaceballs reference FTW.)

Check out my other builds here: Builds created by Zaodon - Last Epoch Builds


I like this build!
Allows you to show all boss phases while at the same time being tanky.


I just did a quick Lagon (normal) run, as I know people sometimes struggle with him.

Made level 80 - can use Undisputed now.

Low boss dps
No downtime during echos since endless rage
Okayish clear (Upheaval + Maul still clears better)
Sturdy defense due to lots of armor

I see you try to make swipe work as a main skill. It’s a buff and filler skill by design it has very low damage scaling in comparison to Earthquake or Maul.

From what i saw so far, your Swipe tickles the boss enemies as well as the dots.

If you really want to Swipe all day ,which i assume this build leans towards to, you could utilize the Trapper node (3/3) to get 60% more hit dmg vs slowed and get more bleed chance/attack speed/duration so your bleeds do meaningful damage after you ramp them on bosses .

Swipe doesn’t need to deal any hit damage at all (although it does a little). It is inflicting 4+ bleeds per hit, and with Warcry + Fury Leap (proccing off of Rampage + Maul), attack speed is extremely fast, landing about 16-20 bleeds/second. With Undisputed, those hits also ramp up the +5% bonus physical damage which also affects bleed damage.

That’s how I kill the bosses so fast (not hit damage).

You dont kill them fast. Thats the point i made. Switch to EQ and see the difference.
Remember when i said you can see all boss phases :wink:

Nah, I already leveled EQ to 100.

This is a different build entirely. And it kills very fast.

Here is a quick mono at level 80 with Undisputed. Notice how hard the monster selection happens to be, and while I can run past them all to finish the mono quickly if I want, I stop to kill everything to display the build’s tankiness and quick kill ability.

I’m able to just focus on the high health mobs, and don’t really attack the smaller ones unless they are alone in a pack. They die anyway to reflect.

I’m level 76 with swarmblade, still missing some important points, i can agree with others. I don’t want to be offensive, in the end it’s just a game so play what you like, although you can’t define this “very fast”, it’s kinda slow actually, but maybe you can improve it further with leveling :slight_smile:
The problem with bleed is that unlike poison…it doesn’t scale so much

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Comparing something to Werebear Earthquake is simply not valid.
I posted a video above of me clearing a hard mono (virtually all ultra high-health mobs) and you can see how fast it clears them. I can do another one with normal monsters if needed, because its way faster (since they mostly die to reflect, unlike the ones in the above video).

The build looks fine and I may respec a Druid to try it.
But I would not call that fast. The speed is OK, but definitely not fast. Still OK though.

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Here’s a normal mono without insane tough mobs on it.

Can you do the 3 lvl 90 timeline endbosses?
Would be interesting to see how the damage is when fully ramped.

Here is Heorot:

Going to be quite honest, with no disrespect intended, but the damage here could be a lot better. You don’t have fetid resilience or natural duality in the druid tree for damage modifiers and you don’t need harmonious wisdom either. Drop the Spriggan form, get a spriggan minion and be essentially crit capped for 4 points in the tree and some health regen and a free 800 hp heal if you want to spec it that way.

You are investing heavily into defense when in my experience with the chalice idol it just isn’t as needed due to all the leech you are going to have.

Army Sunderer in wearbear does nothing for bleed. You need physical resistance shred or negation. Armour shred is only for “hits”. Speaking of “hits”, ambush predator in the furry leap tree does nothing for your bleed damage as that is a hit and bleeds are DOTs.

This is like a half caster/half melee build and those just do. not. work. in LE. You need to invest in one or the other. Spriggan form is the one that grants additional armour anyway, while wearbear grants more health. What is your average armour on bosses? What is your mitigation?

You can drop Hazelroot for Taste of Blood and get an automatic damage increase.

Drop Artor’s Legacy and craft a rare with +2 werebear or anything more beneficial. Yes, it has attack speed, but everything else is a wasted stat for your build.

You have only 269% physical melee damage, 13xx life, 5% dodge, and not nearly enough critical strike avoidance. All the armour in the world won’t negate those.

And, I was making a bleed bear as well and was seeing 15-30k bleed ticks in monos and on bosses in the 70s. The damage for me was too terrible and there just enough “more modifiers” to continue trying to make it work when I have a bleed forge guard using forge strike for 100-500k bleed ticks and the ability to pop bleeds for 1 mil on bosses.

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Those are some pretty nice numbers, could you maybe post a setup to help the rest of us along? More references are always super nice to have.

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