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Having trouble with one shot deaths

So I have 2.2k HP and all 75 res and 2.5k armour(50%). Some point It is low defence, I agree with that. But I’m just playing only 100 corruption now, and the problem is I just die by weaklings(one shot ofc). Just wonder It is intended or what?
In this game, some monsters using BIG SKILLs, like warning their attacks by showing area(or what ever)and BOOM. Problem is too many monsters doing these kind of attack and the damage is just overpowered I think.
EX) I can tank “The Stolen Lance” monolith BOSS without move. but I can die by one shot from just A MINION the boss summoned(like 30+ more).
I’m bit of old school gamer I know, but Hack&slash isn’t arcade game. AVOID EVERYTHING is not fit for this kind of game.
So, point of topic is not just complaining.
I really wonder no 1 suffer from this and what is the solution?
I got all full res and 2k HP and playing just 100 corruption. Litterally, should I avoid everything?

Hi, it might help you to get crit avoidance to 100%. Also, make sure you select passive points with “less damage taken”. They are really powerful.

Also, pay attention to what modifiers you select in the monoliths. Tough modifiers can make monoliths more difficult than corruption 200.

“Avoid Everything” is not required for LE generally in normal play, but there are most definitely hits that MUST be avoided especially from bosses.

You dont mention your build so its a little hard to offer suggestions but the general idea is that you need to layer defences not rely only on res/armour… The available layering depends heavily on the class… I also consider the bigger concept of defence to include taking the hit but also recovering from it as fast as possible.

To add to Heavys Crit Avoidance and being careful of Monolith modifiers (they can crazy overpower mobs at low corruption) - I would also suggest making sure that your regen/leech/healing etc is adequate… especially if you say you can tank a single target but get nailed by multiple “lesser” mobs… Without something in place to ensure that your health is returned asap, its fairly easy for some embermages to take your 2k health down with telegraphed attacks to something low enough that a silly spider mob then kills you - especially if crits are not 100% avoided. And thats not even considering DoTs which catch MANY players out because DoTs bypass most defences…