Having trouble pushing higher Monoliths - Bleed Warlock

I’m running the bleed warlock build on maxroll and I’m stuck. I have pretty similar items to the build, but I’m unable to push past 200 corruption in order to farm my frostbite shackles faster. I’m getting randomly 1 shot in every other monolith…

This is my build - Warlock, level 95 (Release / 1.0.1) - Last Epoch Build Planner

Any suggestions on what I should change so I can run higher corruptions to get frostbite?

You may be better served by a belt that has Cleanse (ideally T1/2 sealed) and Hybrid Health / % Inc health. Also notice your gloves/boots are missing Hybrid Health.

You need to choose a defensive layer : armor/ Energy shield / max life /endurance etc wathever on your planner you have nothing

Acolyte is better on protection i think low life or extra shielld with base life if you have acces to Boneclamor Barbute (helmet) is very good on warlock

Ah thanks!

The starting build is max life until I can get all the uniques, which is where I’m having a problem. Guess I’ll try adding more life then thanks!