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Have I missed a series of supporter packs earlier before the current series?

I found someone have the Elder badge on this forum, and there are 5 pets listed in front of the 5 turtles in game.

The Elder badge is part of the Kickstarter supporter packs. Kickstarter, Alpha and Beta have their own supporter pack with different rewards ! The pets from the Kickstarter packs are the chronowyrms.

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was Kickstarter before Alpha, or is it the coming new series after Alpha, Ancient Series?

Our KickStarter campaign was a year ago.

oh, is it still available?

We made a commitment at the time that those packs would never be sold again.

ok, fine, thanks for the info =)

A quick question: what happens if I buy another supporter pack now? Will the new rewards be added to my old Voidwalker rewards?

Yes. :slight_smile:

Great, thanks!

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