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Has anyone tried Torch of the Pontifax on a warpath Paladin?

So I’ve been playing around with a warpath paladin and threw on this item on a whim and i’m actually finding it to be super powerful. The warpaths increase global spell damage increases the damage from the firespell you proc when you kill a unit, and the AOE on it is fairly larger than you think, and it hits at .6 a second. On top of that it also has a 10% chance to proc burning skeletons, which, with all the increase ally stuff you have in things like holy aura and other sections of the paladins setup, you can get a crazy amount of fire damage going.

I’m really looking forward to trying this in monoliths here soon, im just curious if anyone else has tried this and has anyone gotten good results with this?

I recently got this item for the first time and have yet to give it a try so I am wondering this as well. Anyone got any ideas for SoBeDragon? This sounds great.

I’m running a 72 Paly Warpath fire build with Volcanus - Unique Flamberge - Two-Handed Sword - Last Epoch Item Database.
So far i find it very strong.

The boost in 0.8.2 on the Volcanus (melee & attack speed) has made a huge difference to its viability as a fire melee/spell build weapon… Be interesting to see if a good rolled one holds up to end-game levels vs exalted crafts…

Playing a Paladin, using Warpath, Smite, Judgement, Lunge and Holy Aura
The Torch is still valid at Lv60, and beats other “cheap” alternatives. I’m currently running the first timeline with it. It’s only my second char, so I can’t talk about effect of other uniques.
Fire Smite is the core skill used. So far the two fire buffs of the Torch beat a T5 PhysD T4 AttSpd Titan Femur with Ignite, as an example. But it’s getting closer. The skellies are a nice QoL addition in distracting adds!