Has anyone built the weird void volcanic orb build?

As the title. Spellblade in particular can have the Dark Shroud of Cinders giving up to a 25% chance to cast fire aura when hit, and up to 50% increased void damage per fire aura.

Combine with the Lament of the Lost Refuge to convert volcanic orb to void, with a really very beefy 160 added melee damage and up to 160 added void spell damage with max stacks of corrupted heraldry. Max points in the passive Flame Walker mean you’re triggering Fire Aura every other second from moving or using Melee strikes. Burning Hands gives you another 20% for Fire Aura on hit, and Flame Drinker and Bades of Fire turn stacks of Fire Aura into ward per second and increased melee elemental damage.

Flame Reave can get a 40% chance to give you a fire aura, and can have 100% of added spell damage (such as that from Lament of the Lost Refuge) converted to melee damage. Finish it off with something like Sunwreath or Worldfire and Idols giving fire aura chance and you’ve got a character who is popping out AOE damage around them like woah, zipping across the map with crazy movement speed and shooting off void volcanic orbs when they’re not yet in melee, charging through them on their way to the enemy.

It has issues with disparate damage types; do they want increased void damage or elemental? Melee or spell? Area and Intelligence are the only two that apply to everything. So I don’t think it’s particularly amazing by any means. But it does seem interesting, and I’m wondering if anyone has given it a serious shot and if so what they found.

I haven’t, but I decided to make a planner because, bored.

I get a lot of increased effect of fire aura
I feel like you able to get like 600+ % if you use a body with affix and with a helm
I always wondered how making a build with fire aura would do if you max it benefits out .
Would that be more useful full then crit ?

I did a sorcerer build using Lament of the Lost Refuge and Sacrificial Embrace Pre 1.0.

The build used Volcanic Orb for clearing and Meteor for tough rares and bosses.
Meteor’s Stardust Node makes added non-fire damage damage be 80% more effective. And since Lament makes Volcanic Orb lose its elemental tags it will not consume Abyssal Rite stacks from Sacrificial Embrace.
This way you can reliably gain Abyssal Rite stacks and only use them for Meteor.

This build worked very well even before 1.0 and Sacrificial Embrace even got a substantial buff in 1.0.

I have not played this build since then, but it should be even stronger now.