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Harvest damage bug?

So the skill harvest says : deals double damage to enemy marked with death curse.
Now the curse itself should enhance any damage dealt by 30% by itself.
Now i also skilled up the curse making it do like another 5 times 7% more damage to people marked with the curse…
Now i also made it reduce necromantic protection by like 150.
Now my Harvest skill converts all added damage to necrotic damage.

All of the above should in theory result in A LOT more damage to targets marked by the curse and hit by “harvest” . - atleast compared to enemys NOT marked with the curse.

  • i dont know the math, but i would atleast expect something like 3-4+ times the damage? right?
  • i mean 30% more damage, 100% more double damage, minus 150 necro protection against pure necro damage?. right?

What happens insteed is something maybe resembling double damage only. so a normal “no curse” hit, would be something like 100 damage - and “with” curse it would be 200…

That seems really wrong and not what i expected.

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