Harvest Animation + Possible "Temporary Weapon Effect"


so after playing several dozens of builds with Harvest, i still like this skill ALOT. This is literally my most used and favorite skill, from a pure design and aesthetic standpoint.

However, the Animation can look a bit weird, depending on which weapons types you are using. (Especially using it with a Shield looks weird)

I generally like the Idea of “creating an weapon in your hand” to hit with it thing. It has this slightly dark and cool aspect to it, which fits perfectly to the acolyte.

I would prefer giving this Scythe created by your magic some own cool animations. Possibly putting away all of your equipped Weapons and treating it as a new weapon form an animation standpoint.

Also when you stop attacking, it would be cool if you would keep holding this “magical scythe” in your hand, until you attack with any other melee skill or cast another skill.

To summarize:

  • Give Harvest a better animation (Especially with a shield equipped it looks weird to use your shield hand and give away the protections of the shield)

  • Possible make all you equipped Weapons/Shields disappear and using the Scythe created by Harvest have it’s own animations set

  • When stop using Harvest, the Scythe should remain “equpped/shown”, until something else is used

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