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Hardcore Solo Masochist Lich Dot Build

Hello there, MBJ89 here:)
I would like to show you my character, which I am currently playing on Hc Solo Masochist Mode. She is level 42 right now and slowly climbing towards ending of a6 and going to another acts/monolyths. I hope that I can beat the campaign and start doing monos with her. It is my first YT video so it’s not so professional as it should be but for now I am happy with the result. I am not a pro (played for like 230 hours right now) but with each hour trying to do my best and improve myself.
I hope you like what you see and we can talk here about this build/gameplay or game style. DOTS are my favourite type of dealing damage in video games so that’s why I started playing masochist mode with such build in mind. It’s so addicting - like a drug. I hope devs ll improve masochist or at least add ladder on it :slight_smile:
If you have any ideas/suggestions - please write here on under the video. Just please - be kind and be constructive. I am still learning about this game and I want to learn :slight_smile:

Have a nice day everyone :slight_smile: