Hardcore Charachter changed to SC without me Dying at all

  • Hello everyone. I’m playing Last Epoch on a Hardcore adventure. But somenthing strangely happened already 3 times to me. While i’m playing the game and everything goes fine, im passing trough the quests and then suddenly if i get disconnect or just rellog, my char then is moved to SC…
    I tottaly had 5 chars on HC, 2 died by my mistake and not keeping attention, but other 3 i just noticed after opening my WareHouse Chest that there is all my items and gold from Softcore.

Thats very annoying. I like the game i would like to play it but in this way the game is not possible to be played at least on HC.

My average speed connection is 80-85 mbps. Usually i never had connection problems with other games i played. But here i get alot of “Lost Connection” messages.
Like while im farming everything is good, but if i get a drop and stop for 30 sek to try upgrade it i get the “Lost Connection” msg.

Please give me solution to that problem, or at least check my chars and if its possible rerturn me back allive if the fault for their ded is not mine.

Best Regards

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