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Hardcore and the role in passive skills/skill trees

Please add a hardcore tag:)

Every class needs an option for solid defensive stats, in a way that is balanced among various types of defensive stats. I feel the biggest balance issue for most of the classes in hc is which class has a passive defense skill that involves elemental protection and passive vitality nodes. Particulary with addition health. Every class needs something as strong as this. Ward, at least with the current gear available is incredibly weak compared to stats like attunement and vitality.
Let me give an example from my play throughs with the arena. I have a hc necromancer still alive at lvl 70 at wave 371. The play style was pretty frustrating at the highest level of waves compared to other classes. My minons would be quickly destroyed by strong AoE skills. To the point where I had to spec into archers only to actually do any type of DPS before everything would be wiped out by a single huge AoE.
On the other side Primalist minions have resist strong Aoe and do wayyyy more dps than Necromancers minions. They kill incredibly fast but theres also no option to protect the minions other than dodge which i feel is highly underpowered compared to other gear stats and passive stats. The reason I’m concerned is I hope that every class will be equally viable in hardcore mode with the right gear/passives.

The Necromancer has insane defensive Vitality and Elemental passive protection nodes. For his minions also, but they are still completely destroyed instantly with multiple strong enemy aoes. Even with the incredibly awkard offensive experience its still the best character I’ve made because it simply didn’t die. It really wasnt very good though as in it didnt feel good to play. In summation I think its important to have a path for passives and skill trees that balances the choices between hardcore and softcore. In a fair way that allows hard strong offensive/defensive choices with a a small sacrifice.

I think the trees are being reworked somewhat, and numbers/balance probably arent first and foremost, but you defs bring up some good points!

I can imagine finding a balance of skills that HC and SC characters can use, while also allowing build flexibility is pretty tough!


I am not playing HC, but I can concur that dodge on minions is an especially weak stat with how life affects the denominator of the mechanics calculation (all defensive stats are difficult to build and maintain in this game’s present iteration, more so on minions.) What compounds the weakness of the defensive stat is how it will continually diminish effectiveness noticeably as you level, unless it is an attribute you are deliberately focusing your passives and skill points into. You also have to intentionally build your minions to have practically no added life for the dodge bonuses to even matter.

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I agree about defensive stats. Maybe I don’t quite understand them all yet, but I hit Arena at level 30 on a soon-to-be-official Lich, and I just kept getting curb stomped. It’s been a war of attrition to level enough to be able to get upgrades that keep me alive in earlier waves. If it weren’t for my minions, I would not survive a single wave. Life Regen is great, so long as you don’t get slammed by an army of dudes at once :smiley:

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