Hard to see mechanics with new visuals

Am I the only one having issues with the new visuals? I could always see the game mechanics with the old visuals but now it’s too hard to see them it’s too bright, the map brightness obfuscate the mechanics, I’m playing on Ultra graphics with the lowest brightness and it still sucks.

It would help if you were more specific about which game mechanics you are having trouble seeing.

I said game mechanics that means all of them, these new colors are too bright it’s harder to see a fire mechanic on a fire map, a necrotic mechanic on a bright day map and so on it was much easier to see them before these changes.

Then no, I personally do not have that problem at all.

“Some game mechanics are harder to see on some tilesets” is a very different and much more useful statement than “I can’t see all game mechanics”. The former is much more actionable for the devs, but it still lacks the specificity to be truly valuable feedback. You’d be helping them solve your problems a lot more if you gave specific examples of which effects and which tilesets they are hard to see on. For example, like this.