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Hard crash on load after 0.7.0f patch

After installing the 0.7.0f patch today, I was able to open the game fine, but after logging in and selecting a character, the game hung on the first load screen and hard-locked my PC (ctrl+shift+esc and ctrl+alt+delete non-functional, had to hold down the power button to hard power cycle to get it back).

Log file: output_log.txt (143.0 KB)

Checking now whether it’ll happen again after restart.

edit: Able to log in and play just fine after a restart. Guess the crash was a fluke?

Did you try to load the same character both times? What class/build is it? There’s a statement being spammed in the log which we’re looking into but haven’t quite identified.

A log file of a character loading in normally would be nice for comparison (particularly if the character that crashed is working)

Yes, same character both times.

Ignite-focused Lich.

Active Skills




Log file of the character working: output_log.txt (3.9 MB)

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