Harbingers of Ruin: Quality of Life & More

I have like 6k hours in PoE, playing since beta and probably twice as much in D2, playing since release. I don’t know what this has to do with anything here but I guess I just state it like you.

It is ok to criticize something as long as you have a clue what you are talking about. From a look at your account is is clear that you have no clue about this game. You said you put 40hours into this cycle, yet you only have one cycle char (lvl82 falconer) + you have 3 beta chars with a maxlvl of 40. I don’t know what you did for 40hours in this cycle on your falconer but playing the game wasn’t it.

The merchant guild / bazaar is the best trade in arpgs in the past 20years. Sure, it could have been more user friendly and probably will be in the future. But I and alot of people still had a blast using it. Just because you have no clue about the game or the economy does not mean it was bad… Do you like trade in D2? Do you like the trade ruled by reseller in PoE? Have you found trade D4? No, no, no ahh ok then why are you bashing this one?

Also on your comments that the game is less of a grind for no lifers but still a MASSIVE grind for anyone not going no life. That is your problem again, you don’t criticize out of knowledge and experience. You criticize because you did close to nothing and expect to get everything.

I am a absolute casual nowdays, 38y old with a wife a 3y old (2nd kid on the way) and a full time job. I played this cycle for about 3-4 weeks at release and I managed to get a lvl100 and 2 lvl 90+ twinks / got to 1,5k+ corruption / got top10 in duo leaderboard with a buddy w/o playing a bugged warlock or falconer build / made hundreds of millions on the merchant guild / bazaar and used it again for some endgame chase items.

Pretty much everything you mentioned in this post comes down to you not having a clue about the game, not willing to invest time and learn the game. Pair this with your “I want to have everything even tho I bearly did anything” mentality and here you are “criticizing” the game from a fiction/only in your mind perspective. Don’t be surprised if people call you out on it.


Of the many things you said I agree with, I agree with this the hardest.


Removing “no mana regen while channeling” to help players who invest in mana regen is nice. But there still seems to be no meaningful way of investing in mana regen. All we have is “% increased mana regen” which is pointless without any “+X mana regen”. And the latter is so rare it basically doesn’t exist.

Another solution to make mana regen useful could be to change base mana regen to a fraction of maximum mana. This way “+X mana” would also indirectly increase base mana regen.

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Circle of fortune changes still aren’t good enough. I was hoping to see massive buffs to the extra drop rates circle of fortune gets because that’s the only chance circle of fortune has to get anywhere near the ability merchants guild has to get outrageous items. With thousands of players grinding out items, it doesn’t matter if I get dozens more items than any single merchant guild player. They essentially get thousands of times the number of drops I do because they have access to the sales from the thousands of merchants players. I fully expected circle of fortune drop rates to have doubled, at a minimum. As it is, I probably won’t be going circle of fortune this next season as I saw personally the massive disparity in time investment it took for me to get 3 and 4 LP drops versus merchant guild players.

I’m also disappointed that I don’t see mention of bug fixing any of the nodes i reported in sentinel. I am happy with the changes I see but overall I am massively disappointed as the changes don’t go anywhere near as far as they need to.

There are also now a multitude of threshold nodes in various passives (and probably more to come) that give mana. As well as a handful of new experimental affixes that are super fun to play with to top of mana.

no? there are some but not a combination of fireball and meteor and also i am talking about using meteor as the main skill… not the free rng casts. Also I do not like following builds… if I can’t figure it out myself it’s not worth it also I am playing hardcore, if I die it’s over…

See, no matter how much they buff CoF, it has no chance to ever compete in that way. Unless they were to split up MG markets into fragments of 5-10 players that could trade with each other.

I view CoF as an SSF+ and I like that. I don’t know if PoE has any bonuses attached to SSF by now.

You didn’t say you need a combination of Fireball and Meteor. You said Meteor build OR fireball ignite build:

The first builds are Meteor builds that use Meteor as the main skill. It is quite literally what you wanted:

Not sure what “free rng casts” are supposed to be, perhaps you’re talking about the chance to cast belt? They’re not using it and casts from the belt are not free.

Just because you couldn’t figure out a meteor build doesn’t mean you can’t make one today y’know? Making your own build and playing on hardcore doesn’t matter in that regard.

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ma man! everything you just said is pure gold and nothing but true thx!

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i do get this point and i agree beside actually being hyped for the new patch myself.
I want to notify you that those are not the full patch notes so theyre will probably be bug fixing notes in there! They did say on stream that theyre will be skill bugfixes (mike mentioned) that some updates are handier to happen in one big sweep update.


I don’t expect them to perfectly make it balanced with merchant guild but I grinded the last league for like, 200+ hours on multiple characters, at corruptions above 500, using the double prophecy drop lenses and I got maybe two 4 LP drops and even the 3 LP drops were rare. I got one red ring drop despite target farming unique ring prophecies for 300k+ favor worth of prophecies. I want to play SSF but I don’t have the time to play circle of fortune unless there is a massive rebalancing of favor acquisition (which will now be slower at high corruption) or the prophecies themselves. And by that I mean either weighting the base drop rate benefits from ranks much higher such that without prophecies we still get lots of drops or by doubling or even tripling the current prophecy favor efficiency.

And that’s before I mention that farming exalts to slam on those uniques is also still a huge pain in the ass for circle of fortune because there is no way to target farm exalt affixes and also because the exalt prophecies are way overpriced for what you get for them. This left me with tabs full of uniques but struggling to find the exalted gear I needed to slam on them. There was one youtube channel that did like, a ridiculously thorough deep dive into the circle of fortune and it turns out that it was more favor efficient to buy the rare item drop prophecies for slam material than it was to buy exalted prophecies because the rare ones were so much cheaper and the rare drops from the prophecy could turn into exalted gear. That’s not good. The exalted gear prophecies are way too expensive for what you get. Especially if you need a rarer affix.

I’m not complaining to make circle of fortune match merchant guild, my point in comparing them was to say the time investment for circle of fortune and merchant guild isn’t comparable and that’s a problem, especially because this post makes no acknowledgement of that in the changes it discusses. I will actively discourage anyone from playing circle of fortune with the current changes I see. The more people playing merchant guild the bigger the disparity is.

Any plans to make pets more than cosmetics, like having them pick up gold and such?

No, they don’t want to do that. As has been said many times. But if they did, they’d give everyone a free pet that did it as well.

How much longer do we need to wait for Shield Throw to be fixed?
It’s been unusable for years, since you allowed players into the game. It keeps hitting invisible barriers making it completely useless.

That’s a projectile issue not generally Shield Throw specifically. The areas of each map where it happens have to be fixed individually.

Posting bug reports with images of the offending areas would help.

Already did that. With gifs that are now expired. It’s just marinating there. It’s been months.

To be fair, they also for years said they weren’t going to add LP to the item filter, which they now did. They are also giving out free pets as twitch drops, so they are easy to obtain. I do hope they consider it in the future.

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