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'Hang Loose' passive for multishot triggers way too often

‘Hang Loose’ is supposed to give multishot 5% attack speed and a 5% chance to give you haste when you use or proc multishot. It maxes out at 3 points with 15% atk speed and 15% chance of haste.
In practice it triggers way more often than it should. It’s so significant I’d have to be ridiculously lucky for it to be a coincidence.

With the base 5 arrow multishot I counted 7 times out of 30 I did NOT get haste.
On a character with +8 arrows for a total of 13 it was only 2/30.
Both tests were with 3 points in Hang Loose. These results seem roughly consistent with what the probability should be if it rolled an extra time for each arrow you shoot.

On the off chance this is intended behaviour and all my efforts spent testing were wasted the tooltip for the passive needs to be updated.

Did you have any points in the Agility passive which gives up to 25% chance to proc haste for 1s on hit?

No, after I noticed multishot always gives me haste anyways I removed all other sources of haste from my build. Not to mention I was testing it shooting into the air in the end of time.

I must admit I was thinking a similar thing with multishot before I read your post… I was messing with the Hang Loose & Point Blank nodes and anecdotally it seems to me that its way more often than its supposed to proc - even on just a single point in the Hang Loose node… I do not have the Agility Passive nor do I have anything else that could be procing haste active.

I messed around with the +4 arrow multishot bow and a normal bow and out of 20 Multishots with 1 point in Hanging Loose (5% haste chance), I am getting an average of 7-8 procs of haste with the +4 bow and about 4-5 with the normal bow… I ran this a handful of times and got similar figures…

Obviously this is by no means a significant enough dataset and I definitely didnt do it scientifically but it does seem like its procing much more than it indicates/or should?..

Thanks for the report. We will take a look at it.