Hammer Throw: Rapid disintegration node only applies to the base damage of Disintegrating Aura

Rapid Disintegration states: “Disintegrating aura deals more damage” and lists a stat “Disintegrating aura damage: +25% per point” which based on wording should apply to added damage and the base damage of the aura however from a ton of testing and a smidge of digging through files I am 99.9% sure it only applies to the base damage. (Also, for the sanity of the next person who tries to build around this please include the added damage effectiveness in the node description)

What flat damage does the aura scale with? Spell damage?

Doesnt seem to scale with anything else:

Your hammers gain a Disintegrating Aura, causing enemies nearby them to take 30 void damage per second, but Hammer Throw costs more mana and has reduced attack speed (multiplicative with other modifiers).

from the wording, I would assume Rapid Disinegration is +25% per point on the 30 Void damage and nothing more - without any other flat/increased damage having an effect.

havent personally tested it in game tho.

Why would you come to that conclusion? It’s the same type of wording that they use on a node that they want to only affect a proc. Examples are the Void beam damage nodes in Erasing Strike and the Void rift damage nodes in all the skills that can get Void rifts.

This is why it needs to be tested to see if flat spell damage has any effect. It could be that the proc is missing a spell tag.

@Dammitt or @Tunk might be able to tell us what tags it has.

I made the assumption after not finding it as a separate skill/spell/ailment etc on Dammits website. Usually if there is such, then it has tags that apply… E.g. Void Beam in your example, exists as a “other” skill with tags so it would scale, but Disintegrating Aura doesnt - hence my assumption that nothing else applies to it.

Not every subskill is on Dammitt’s site. This is why it needs to be tested.

Not every subskill exists as a proper model in game data. On rare occasions some subskills/procs/buffs etc are created on the fly in the code itself, so they can’t really be properly datamined. And I believe Disintegrating Aura is one of them.

Don’t quote me on that, but I believe its tags are DoT and Throwing.


I would hope the intention of EHG is to not do this and “fix” anything like this going forward so that all subskills are modeled in the same way. Imho, not to do so would be illogical from a programming perspective. I understand the shortcut of hardcoding things like this to get it done and working but the long term effect of things like this tend to come back to bite programmers in the butt.

Disintegrating Aura is not using subskill so it’s kinda hard to check, but I believe stats are:

baseDamage: 6 Void
addedDamageScaling: 10% (50% effectiveness per second)
interval: 0.2
radius: 2
damageTags: Throwing, DoT

And yes like @Raein reported Rapid Disintegration only applies to base damage.

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Yes it most certainly has throwing tag that was how I was testing this in the first place. Basically sat next to dummy varied my throwing damage.

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