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Hammer Throw not always hitting some enemies, like void bats

I tried levelling with Hammer Throw, but it’s too difficult because of issues with not hitting certain enemies (like void bats) and not piercing some enemies, like the boss at the end of the divine era at the beginning.

The latter seems to be a known issue, but I’ve recorded some footage just in case it’s helpful.

I thought the collision issue on certain enemies was supposed to be fixed, but I’ve recorded some footage of one of the most egregious situations to demonstrate how bad it can still be.

I’m also attaching my DxDiag information.

DxDiag.txt (88.5 KB)

Figure there are more than a few players with similar experiences… Would love to make a hammer throw build but each time i try, this problem annoys me too much to continue. Apparently its partly because of the targetting on the mob models (discussed quite a few times in other threads - aiming for head vs. feet etc)… Thankfully they have fixed this with other throwing / ranged skills so we can only hope that hammer throw will get some love too…

doubt your dxdiag will be useful for this one… the game debug file (player.log) would probably be more useful for the devs for this kind of bug…

I’m currently leveling a Forge Guard with Hammer Throw. The only times I had such a problem, it was because I aimed to the wrong part of the body. It’s more of a hit box issue.
But once you know where to aim, no more problem. I still hope they will fix it, but even now it’s fully playable.