Hammer throw - levelling vs endgame

Hi guys,

I just hit clvl 52 with my hammerdin.

atm im using disintegrating aura and rapid disintegration. I scale mostly increased void damage over time - 152% and damage over time - 37% and throwing attack damage.

is it viable endgame?

I guess I cannot crit with this setup, right? do I benefit from hammer head and its synergy?

or shall I respect out of disintegrating aura and go different route for endgame?

do zealot’s conviction affect my hammers now when I use disintegrating aura?


So I logged into my lvl 74 hammerdin and tried out Disintegrating aura with Iron Spiral, Hammer Vortex and 2/2 catapult, and I have to say, it feels better already. while I still had decent AoE from the orbiting spiral, the AoE on the hammers themselves help clear faster and the damage seems better then when I was only doing hit based damage. current % I am getting according to char stats, 309% throwing Dmg, 112% Void dmg, 69% over time dmg. also got 34 Str which isn’t that much str but it works.

I did notice you can grab some good void leech nodes real easy in void knight so you can leech off the void over time you are doing.

Overall I think the setup works just fine in endgame but at this point the skill trees level fast enough you can do all the tree pathing testing you need by yourself :wink:

And yeah, Crit doesn’t effect Damage Over Time at all so its not worth grabbing unless you want to swap to on hit. Also I’m not sure what you mean by “zealot’s conviction” I can’t find any reference to it in the passive or skill trees I have.

Edit: do you mean Guardian’s Zeal?

Zelot’s Conviction is right under Iron Spiral.

thank you for the clarification!

Ah thanks I found it now, wonder why it didn’t show up when I used the search nodes bar. Yes, Zealot’s Conviction is useless for you because it only effects hit damage. To be safe, anything that mention Hits or on hit means it only effects hits and not damage over time.

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its all a little confusing … damn it :wink:

for example Relentless from Sentinel. it grants increased dmg. is it global?

void auras say their dmg is increased by throwing attack dmg, void dmg, dmg over time.

so does relentless increase the dmg of my hammers speced to disintegrating aura and rapid disintegration?

Increased damage that doesn’t specify what type, like the relentless node, is global. the way this works as I understand it is, when I add a point into relentless, I get 5% increased damage on every single damage type I have on my character stats screen.

Whether or not disintegrating aura double or triple dips form it because disintegrating aura gets damage increases from over time, void, and throwing damage I don’t know. I think so but I can’t be sure at this point.

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