Hammer Throw Hammers despawn by campfires

When using Hammer Throw near a campfire in “Mountain Aerie” the hammers instantly despawn when you throw them, or if you have a bunch of hammers orbiting you, they all despawn like they are hitting a wall as soon as you get close to a campfire.

Just had this happen again too, same area, almost made it impossible to kill the Spire right next to a campfire.

I think I know what problem this is. I believe we have a fix internally. If you find the spot again though, please spot a screenshot, it will help identify the area that needs to be fixed.

https://i.imgur.com/Pyzrxhp.jpeg the hitbox is insanely big too tried to show it a little bit in the picture, if i turn any further to it i cant get any projectiles at all

projectiles will not just go invisible, they will not spawn at all

to add to this another hammer throw problem (havent tested javelin), lagon’s tentacle hitboxes are behaving strangely as in i can only hit them point blank and even then i sometimes can’t