Hammer Throw fizzles in area around Nemesis

In a small area around the Nemesis hammers fizzle. They both cannot be created and preexisting ones will vanish. They are also not invisible as when you summon the Nemesis monster you can not damage it.

Hammer throw has had some terrain type fizzling issues in the past but this makes the Nemesis interaction pretty bad. You have to manually drag the Nemesis monster away from the zone, also other monsters that were near cannot be damaged in the zone so before you click on the Nemesis you have to drag them away as well.


This is also happening to me. I took the following Nodes. Avatar of the Spire, Winged Hammers, Steadfast Path, Catapult, Balista, Rapid Throw, Weighted hammers.

Same happens for Volcanic Orb - it just disappears when created in area around nemesis.