Hammer Throw fails vs Elder Pannion

Something makes spiraling hammers despawn in a large area in the middle of Pannion’s arena.

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Bumped into this recently with a hammerdin build. The fight is almost impossible.

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The same here it seems the issue related to all void bosses during campaing

Can confirm that this happens with many projectile based skills, not only hammers.

I would assume it has to do with hiding the gameobject which holds the mesh for the rock formation that he spawns out of but not disabling it, so the rock is invisible but its layer is set to destroy projectile gameobjects that get inside the hitbox. But thats just me spitballing with my limited unity engine knowledge.

I think its this case, because when he teleports out of the rock formation, you can hit him with projectiles, when he goes back into the middle, you can’t anymore.

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