Hammer Throw Bug

Detailed description:

When using Hammer Throw, the animation will play but sometimes it doesn’t throw a hammer. This creates a clunky feeling.

How consistently does this happen?

This is somewhat easy to replicate. Simply spam Hammer Throw and you will see that the animation will play but no Hammer will come out sometimes, or it will come but with a delay.

Preferably try this while holding the left-mouse button to walk (so you will be holding left and Hammer Throw Skill at the same time). This seems to make this issue easier to replicate, for me at least.

I have only yet tried in multiplayer, unsure if it happens offline as well. My ping is 43 ms, so it shouldn’t be the cause.

Thank you!

Can you reproduce this by just tapping hammer throw’s ability button on your action bar in a safe area?

We currently have a bug where there is some slight desync if players holding down an ability on their action bar and pressing LMB. I want to confirm it’s not related to this problem.

Thank you for the response!

I am currently trying to just tap and not move and it doesn’t seem to be happening (which is good!). But what I did notice is that once I go out of mana (The ability is free due to “mana-starved forging”) there is a slow delay when casting, it’s like it can’t cast even tho it should be free.

So basically, keep tapping the Hammer Throw, once the mana ends, it should just keep casting, but there is a small delay before the game realizes that the ability should be free and it stops you from using the ability for around 1 sec (estimate).

So just spam the ability and once you are out of mana you should see this delay. This one is replicable 100% of the time on my side.

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