Hammer throw bug patch 0.8.2c

hammer throw desintegrating aura, bug, the aura is not on the hammer, is somewhere left of it .

Hey… Thanks for the report…

Any chance you can post a screenshot? imgur is your friend… :wink:

here https://imgur.com/a/NIz1UAs

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The hammers not only seem to be misplaced at the moment as of the most recent patch but also when you have Disintegrating Aura affixed, the auras themselves seem to count as a collision box for the hammer disappearing into terrain, which when coupled with them being misplaced at the moment, makes them almost unusable in a vast majority of areas.

Thank you for the report!

This issue has been located.

Here another example of the bughttps://youtu.be/DO1u7WKpBrg

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