Hammer Throw and Terrain

Been loving Hammer Throw (w/ Iron Spiral), but it’s inconsistent interactions with terrain can be really frustrating sometimes. I can understand why for base Hammer Throw, it should fizzle when colliding with terrain, but for spiraling hammers, it feels really inconsistent and jarring when it happens.

Specifically, stairs and multi-level terrain are the worst offenders. When you go up stairs, they almost always eat all of your active hammers, which kills the flow of clearing echoes. For multi-level terrain, it sometimes fizzles hammers and sometimes doesn’t. Sometimes (but not often) doorways also stop hammers.

I would suggest that Hammer Throw w/ Iron Spiral be updated to function similar to Blessed Hammer from WoW’s Protection Paladin. When Blessed Hammer goes across a terrain height boundary, it snaps up or down to the new terrain height so it never fizzles and can also hit mobs that are within range, but just on a slightly different height (e.g. up/down stairs or small ledges).

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Where all projectiles “fizzle out” on terrain that it looks like it should pass ok, thats a bug & should be reported in #bug-reports with oics of the offending area and mini map so the devs can find it more easily.

I’m suggesting that it should never fizzle when specced into spiral, not that it is fizzling when it doesn’t visually hit things. 90% of terrain it hits doesn’t fizzle it, so the 10% of the time when it does fizzle it feels unfair and janky.

The mage’s electrostatic ball also has the same problem when spinning, it should be that all similar skills have the same problem