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Hammer of Lorent missing damage bonus

The Hammer of Lorent states that it adds +1 melee damage per level, but that does not show on the character panel. DPS appears to increase, but the actual bonus is not reflected.

Thank you for the report.

I have tested Hammer of Lorent and it appears to be functioning correctly.

The highlighted entry in your screenshot is Increased Melee Damage. This shows the sum of your character’s various sources of Increased Melee Damage. So, for example, if you equip an item that says 8% Increased Melee Damage, that 8% would be reflected there. As flat Melee Damage is a different stat, that character sheet entry will not be updated.

If I’m understanding correctly, the trait of “Increased Physical Damage” contributes to what displays as “Increased Melee Damage”, but the trait bonus for “Increased Melee Damage” does not get reflected in the displayed stats? What trait would then increase the displayed stat of “Increased Physical Damage”?


Added Melee Damage =/= Increased Melee Damage

also: Melee Damage =/= Physical Damage, sarno just mistyped there.

Sorry for the confusion; @GeoGalvanic is correct and I’ve edited my previous post.

To clarify, there is a difference between the game saying you’ll do +12 - 15 Damage, and the game saying you will deal 5% Increased Damage. The entry your screenshot is focusing on is tracking percentage increases, so it will not update to reflect +X - Y Damage.

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