Hammer collision issue


I checked in the bug report section if a topic had already been created about it but it seems not.
When throwing hammers to small monsters (at least in height I suppose), 9 times out of 10 the hammers go through without hitting.
Frozen little spiders, little poison ball for examples.

Edit : Obviously I mainly had the problem while playing the story because it seems less frequent in monolith. I encountered the same small icy spiders and they were getting hit

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Any chance you could make a vid of this interaction? It will help the devs see exactly what is happening as there could be other things affecting this… For example, the map and potentially elevated position of your char vs the mobs could affect this.

I had a similar issue with the tentacle flailing “mind flayer” type mob cannot recall its name where I kept “missing” it with throwing attacks - turned out to be a combination of things causing it…

Sorry you are asking too much out of my humble skills.
It was in ice carverns and tundra, on flat ground, basically all my hammer were going through ice spiders or above I couln’t tell.
And I noticed it again on flat ground without any obstacles in some situations with small monsters.

Ok… No worries… Maybe the devs have enough to go on from your description…

Can you manage a screenshot of your hammer throw skill so that we can see what nodes are active? (you can upload it to imgur without needing an account and link it here).

I noticed the same. I don’t think you need any points in the skill as it happens quite near the beginning.

Monsters like small flying void bats cannot be hit sometimes (like never gets hit until I reposition myself).

Monsters like the void serpent, while he moves around it doesn’t hit them.

(Sorry I don’t know the name of the monsters exactly)

Yes I noticed the same thing for all the monsters you listed, and also the little flying necrotic spirit balls who shot straight lines of necrotic.
As far as I remember we listed all the mobs I encountered this problem with.
It was really at the beginning and I was level 20 to 30, now I am above 80 so I am not sure this would be relevant. But I was juste throwing basic hammers without any special modifications.

Ok then… to summarise:

Hammer Throws… Basic Skill (with or without nodes) - happens early in the campaign so not high level skill. Skill simply goes “through” the mob without damaging…

Mobs that are “missed”: Small mobs like Frozen spiders, poison balls, void bats, necrotic spirit balls…

Happens on “flat” map locations so unlikely to be map elevations or things getting in the way.

@HybridLyte Any way you can confirm this is something you guys are looking into or have been able to check?

Exactly, and I have never encountered this bug again in any of the monoliths later on, even when facing the same mobs.

We’ll take a look. :]

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If you’re really unable to reproduce it, I’ll try to make a video or something. It did happen to me in the monoliths later on but it’s a rare thing. One specific thing I remember is the first time I noticed it was near the beginning of the game when some NPC follows you and fights with you. The void bats were attacking the NPC and I was trying to kill the bats and it just passed through them.

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