i have an account around level 90 - 94 from may 2023 release if it is still up to date on the current progress of the state of the game im learning hardcore before 1.0 release soon and want to have a bank if someone doesn’t care to give some stuff i have a ton of keys for SC and probly some gold i still havent logged in yet but i plan to later if you wanna give me a bank for hc i can give you some SC stuff i have about 30 tabs of epics and uniques and stuff from farming all i did was buy tabs and farm endgame on my ranger lemme know!

In order to be able to trade with other players, right now, they have to be there when the item drops.

Once 1.0 comes up, you’ll be able to trade stuff with other players by playing alongside them for some time and getting a resonator or whatever it’s called. Then you can trade 1 item per resonator.

This is to prevent RMT.

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cause a riot this is the most stupid idea they can come up with they are not even popular and i want to play this and how will i get someone to get excited when my 400 item stash that took 100 hours to farm is useless???

It’s not useless. You can still use it and you can still give it to someone. You just have to play with them for a while in a group.
Last case scenario, you can simply shatter and sell everything for a bunch of shards and gold and then have a leg up in the upcoming trade system.

Learning hardcore? There is nothing to learn.
Contrary to popular belief, hardcore is not in any way harder than softcore, nor any different. It is exactly the same game.
Just don’t die, which is fairly easy if you don’t go crazy over-pushing corruption. (Or die if you want, sadly harcore characters who die can still play.)


so you would like to say that try playing a dps build and then going to face ladon in story mode on hardcore, you will most definately not succeed by any means unless you are extremely reaction skilled and if you do … you lose 50+ hours of gameplay in hardcore mode your argument is invalid tell the devs to make it easy to trade so this game can thrive 20% more than it will

Trading: commas and periods.
Looking for: parenthesis and exclamation marks.


Yes, that’s why hardcore is more punishing not more difficult. If you try to facetank Lagon’s beam you’ll take as much damage (ie, likely one shot) in softcore as you will in hardcore, it’s just in softcore you get to try again.

Masochist mode was harder (you did less damage and took more damage) but no more punishing (Masochist made no change to what happened when you died, just made it more likely due to being harder).

@DirePenguin also, wts an understanding of the difference between difficulty and punishment (in gaming, obviously. Ladies!).


Grammatically and functionally correct, I think is what you meant. If you think hc is harder just because it punishes your mistakes more severely then you are objectively wrong. But that’s your prerogative.


Lagon and Reaction-skilled should not exist together in the same sentence. That fight is abysmally easy.