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Hail of Arrows - Scorched Earth & Ignite

Scorched Earth’s tooltip is phrased the following:

“Bleed chance from all sources is converted to ignite chance and effects related to bleed now depend on ignite instead”

Since Hail of Arrows is classified as a DoT skill, it naturally does not benefit from “on hit” ailment effects. But this wording makes it sound as if any type of bleed chance will apply and turn into ignite. Meanwhile, any sort of increased ignite chance, will not.

For example the 3 stacks of Elemental Arrows with the Elemental Barrage passive which increases ignite chance by 200%.
Even though the latter does not mention it needing a hit, I’ve been unable to notice a difference (which is an issue of its own if it indeed does not apply, since it does not mention the requirement of a hit).

Testing a long duration skill like Hail of Arrows and its DoT interaction has been hell. Thanks to RNG, the ignite sometimes ticks for 50 and sometimes for 400 when running out. Even as I try to get my % as close to 100 as possible, it’s impossible to get consistent results with the same methods.

P.S. Please add a dps meter and a way to show ailments on enemies.

I think you may need a pair of Maehlin’s Hubris gloves to take full advantage of this interaction. The key part is you can overstack the ignite chance and crit chance helps with ignites but it will not spread unless it has flame burst (a mage skill).

My understanding is that the Scorched Earth node already acts as those gloves but exclusively for Hail of Arrows.
If anything, using those gloves might reduce my ignite chance since the skill node is worded in such a way that even “chance to bleed on hit” should turn into ignite and work with the skill, meanwhile ignite on hit would obviously not since Hail of Arrows is a DoT effect.

There’s also the issue of Hail of Arrows being a DoT skill that should normally not be able to apply on-hit effects, which Scorched Earth may or may not change.

And even though the Elemental Barrage shock & ignite chance does not mention a hit, I struggle to notice a difference with it.

Also when you say crit chance, are you talking about the Dark Quiver interaction? Yeah it improves the ticks but doesn’t help with the application of ignite.