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Hail of Arrows & AcidFletch Bow & Barrage of Arrows proc

Quick clarification here if anyone knows for sure…

When using the Acidfletch bow, it says 100% hail of arrows damage is converted to poison and it changes ALL the skill tags to poison damage. Barage of arrows does not normally scale with DoT (from tooltip) and the Acid Rain node which also converts Hail of Arrows to poison says this does NOT affect Barrage of Arrows.

Question… Does the bow convert Barrage Of Arrows in the Skystrike node or is the Barrage of Arrows ignored and remains physical?

Just trying to get the best out of a very well rolled Acidfletch drop and trying to optimise the skill and its synergies…


Good question, just tested it and i realized one thing:
So i equipped the bow and looked at the elemental tags for HoA in the Skills & Specializations tree. With no points invested into HoA tree, HoA changes from Physical to Poison with the Bow equipped, as expected.
Then i skilled only into Skystrike (Barrage of Arrows) and realized that both the Poison & Physical tags are activated.
So it seems like the Bow does exactly what the ‘‘Acid Rain’’ node on HoA tree describes, even the small info with Barrage of Arrows while holding ALT.

(Skilltag while Bow is equipped and Skystrike point allocated)

Thanks for taking the time to confirm this - appreciated… I figured that it remained separate like the Acid Rain node says but could not be 100% sure just from normal use but your observation of the skill tags does seem to confirm my own suspicions.

During normal play, I find Barrage of Arrows to be a pretty high impact node that seems to clear low hp mobs on its own even before HoA repeats… just wish there was more information available to get “real” numbers so that is easier to compare to other nodes.

Really am hoping that the devs eventually implement that damage logfile/chatwindow log for the dummy damage output that was discussed a few months ago… Things like this would become easier to “see” and compare properly when testing builds. For messing around and theorycrafting I’d easily vote for it as my top dev request… :wink:

Thanks again for checking…

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