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Hail of Arrows "Acid Rain" Node issue

I understand this game is in beta, but I feel as though there was a huge oversight for the text in the Acid Rain node for the Hail of Arrows Skill.

The node states that Bleed Chance from “ALL” sources is converted to poison chance. This gave me the impression that the basic rules for applying ailments was being bent or broken intentionally. It is reasonable to conclude this from other passives that do bend or break rules.

I wasted a lot of time creating a build with high bleed chance just to find out that this node does not benefit from this. Please chance the ambiguous text to something a little more specific as to not create confusion. Or maybe allow bleed/poison on hit chance to affect DOT skills like Hail of Arrows.

Yeah, it should probably be tweaked to say “from all sources on the tree” or have an alt text that states that “on hit” effects still won’t apply to the damage over time (they would apply to the initial hit with the Skystrike node). @Reimerh_QArts