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Had an item with "100% success" while crafting fracture

Anyone else had weird shit happen while crafting?

Was using a glyph of stability.

Had just 2 mods… Fun stuff. One was tier 1 one was tier 3.

Moving to Bug Reports.

Have you used a Glyph of the Guardian when crafting with this item?

No sir. Didnt know what was going on which is why i didnt make a bug report yet.

Was the first craft I made on the item. It had t1 set added life and t3 life on it.

The base was saphire ring. I still have it. Its still 0 instability:)
ilvl 59 level req 16

Were you adding a new affix, upgrading an existing affix, or using a rune?

Upgrading an existing affix. The health affix turned yellow.

Thanks. We fixed a bug recently that caused the success/fracture chance display to not update in certain cases, so that may have covered your cases as well but I’ll have to look into it.

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