[Guide] [Build] Crit Hammer Paladin 0.8.2I

Crit Hammer Paladin



  • Always Crits with Hammers
  • Clears Offscreen
  • Handles Empowered Echoes Comfortably
  • Ranged Playstyle
  • Lots of room in Affixes for Defense
  • Gear is Semi-Flexible


  • Doesn’t Instantly Delete Bosses
  • Arena is Pretty Lackluster

Dammitt’s Build Planner:
Lv 100

Hammer Throw
Volatile Reversal
Holy Aura
Sigils of Hope

Loot Filters:
GREY CAPS: Bases we’re looking for.
GREEN: Sentinel Affixes and Items with Phys Pen.
YELLOW: Items with at least 3 Affix’s we use.
PINK: Items with ONLY two Affix’s we use.
ORANGE: Items with 4 Affix’s we use.
BLUE: Decent Idols.
RED CAPS: Best Idols for build.
RED: Exalted Bases we’re looking for.
MAGENTA: T6 Exalted Items.
MAGENTA CAPS: T7 Exalted Items.
The things that don’t show up are not the droids we’re looking for.

CrunkyMonk - Hammer Crit Pally.xml (83.8 KB)

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