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Hello, first post here. I’m coming from the land of another game series that goes by a certain demonic name; people on the forums there recommended this game so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

It seems like there is a pretty good game going here. I am deterred slightly from it because 1) the zoom level of the game just feels too close; I’d like to be able zoom out a bit more and 2) elements of the GUI feel intrusively large while playing - especially the minimap and quest log on the right side. The bottom portion of the screen isn’t so bad, but the ability to resize that would be nice too.

As well, I’ve noticed a bug with the minimap zoom buttons. They don’t seem to line up correctly - the zoom out button is further below where it should be, and the zoom in button is too large and its functionality covers where the zoom out ( - ) is.

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Hey, welcome to the forum! (And the game in general)

Some good input that has been given by others as well so hopefully the devs will make some changes to the GUI.

Hope you enjoy the game and give it time to evolve as 1.0 approaches. :slight_smile:

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