Group play and QOL suggestions after 300+ hours

Let me start by saying I love this game! I’ve polled several of my friends and we came up with this list collectively. That being said, we all love the game and plan to play as long as y’all are taking care of us and maintaining the awesome state of things!!

Random disconnects during dungeons/arena. Having to restart for solo or not being able to rejoin during group play feels awful. Imagine doing hundreds of levels in arena and having to redo them because of a disconnect. Had a group of 4 running dungeons and almost every single run, one of us would disconnect and not be able to re-join until the next run.

Joining a friend in his 1000+ corruption monoliths and advancing those while mine stay at 400. Please allow corruption to go across all people in group, much like stability does. I’ve basically stopped running solo mono’s and just wait for my buddy to come online because we’re so much further ahead on his. Also, catching up if I make an alt, either because I found new all the gear I need or bought via Bazaar and having to also level it up the long way. Can we please have a choice of mono’s? Or some catch up mechanic (once group play corruption is fixed) to where my alt can catch up to my main in corruption rather quickly. More bonus corruption depending on the number of echos you do in a given set was one suggestion.

The “No Online Friends” bug drives me nuts. I can still join groups by actually typing out the invites under the social page, but I can’t say anything in ANY chat, link items or otherwise interact except via 3rd party apps like discord.

Random loot bug where none of it shows regardless of enabling, disabling, or changing loot filter and it leaves when you exit the area. Have to relog to see loot agian.

Imagine all of the aforementioned happening at once (as they do quite often). Loot stops showing. so I log out and back in. Get online to “No Online Friends” bug. Relog again. “Cannot Connect to Login Server.” Relog again, none of my characters are showing up. Relog and finally come online just to disconnect because End of Time rocks! I think you get it, sometimes it takes me 20+ logs for everything to finally work.

Backtracking in dungeons because of random roadblocks is silly. Make the maps either more linear or easier to traverse so I’m not running the same areas over with nothing to do except run.

Choosing blessings outside of having to do the stability boss and without having to completely redo stability would be nice.

Make chest loot drop instantly. Not a big deal if nothing does, just small quality of life. Most of us don’t want to wait 10 seconds for those ridiculous chests that drop items for what feels like forever. I could be blasting away in the next mono already, but instead I have to wait for 30 shards to drop to see if my 1-2 drops that made it through my loot filter are actually good.

Auto vacuum shards on run over, I’ve basically stopped picking them up and just target specific ones via loot filter and shattering. Again, not huge, just QOL change.

Key ring!!! Need I say more?

Ingame mouse option for my cursor(size/style etc.) would be great. I ended up buying YoloMouse on steam so I guess that works.

Sets suck. You know this, we all know this. Fix sets? I have no idea how to go about this because there’s a lot of back and forth between my friends and I. Some want game changing abilities via sets, others don’t want a D3 repeat of only sets being viable. Good luck on this one!

Please up the Obsidian resonance drop rate! Holy cow I’ve ran dozens of hours with the same people over this 300+ hours of gameplay and maybe found 2-3 per friend. Or maybe just open it up after you played “X” amount of hours with someone on your friends list you can trade gear to them indefinitely. Or add it as a rank to merchants guild rank. Rank 11, can trade with friends after reputation with that friend. (Gain rep via mob kills while in group) Something like that.

Can something be done about Lightless Arbor? The other dungeons have dynamic end things with soul gambling in SB or slamming legendaries in TS. Why does only 1 person get the vault benefits? Kind of kills the group play. Either allow everyone to receive the benefits if 1 person pays or have separate vaults per player that ran the dungeon and they each get their own loot. Either way, there’s no reason to do LA as a group.

Change the list to search Unique items in the bazaar by alphabetical order? What order are they even in? Level? Rarity? Regardless, its very frustrating to search through the seemingly random order. Or allow the search to actually filter to the specific unique you’re looking for.

TLDR: Game is great. I will continue to support, but there are a few changes some of us would like to offer up for discussion. Group play changes would vastly improve quality and a few minor tweaks to systems. Keep up the great work! I’m sure some of these have been brought up already, but never hurts to hear from multiple sources.