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Grole Milk

Found a variant of an hp pot called grole milk, has anyone else found things like this? I have run into a beer as well. I have a screenshot of the grole milk, but cant figure out how to attach/add an image

I never found that, that’s coool AF lol.

I love my groles!

You need to upload images to any platform and share the link.

One very popualr one would be Imgur: The magic of the Internet

i turned ghost about 10 minutes after haha


Oh arena?

Did it dropped from that dead bear?

I do not play arena at all, i never happened to find a grole milk in the story or MoF.
And i do play alot :smiling_imp:

Im guessing it was a lizard looking thing,(a grole i guess lol) but once they turn into the void version i think the corpse just disappears. Not 100% sure since i only noticed it after the 10th wave cleared. I will probably be staying away from arena now too until i mostly complete mono timelines. I did get a low low leaderboard spot for rogues at least

That makes sense.

Yes those Lizard Looking things are the “groles”

When you start a new character on the way to the council chambers you see the human people fighting off the void, theykeep those groles within fences, maybe as domesticated animals.