Grinding corruption on multiple timeline/characters kill my enjoyment of the game

Pushing corruption is fun, but as soon as you switch timelines, all your progress gets reset. Even with the catchup mechanic, you’re looking at hours of boring gameplay before you’re back to where you were, for every timeline.

It makes farming blessing, target farming and playing an alt a complete pain. As soon as I stray from the timeline I initially pushed, my enjoyment of the game takes a massive nosedive. If my character can clear 400 corruption, I get no enjoyment from face-rolling 100 corruption content and yet the game asks me to spend sooo much time on corruption level that are bellow my character ability.

Corruption should be global across timeline, and the current catch-up mechanic should be applied to alt instead.


if its not opt in, its bad.

All ill say is as an alt aholic, my “alt” isnt always going to be as good as the character I just got done playing.

Im all for making corruption global as long as its opt in. I have some builds I really like playing that can barely do 100c and some that do 500 no sweat, Id like the option to have both be able to be played.

Corruption would still be unique to the character, just global across the timeline. Your new character would start at 100c, but would enjoy the catchup mechanic when pushing corruption, making the grind faster the second time around.
Anyway, the finer details for catching up new characters are not important. The main issue is having to grind your corruption on every timeline, for every character. It’s an absolute pain.

plus farm the rng blessings in each one :smiley: 3 weeks ago I explain that upgrade corruption its superboring, now the reality come out.

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