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Grim Dawn Update to V1.1.9.2

Huge list of fixes, changes and balancing…

For anyone still playing or interested:


I admit I am probably in the minority but I have never really cared for this game.

I tried it and got lost after a while.
Later I tried again and got bored.
I may try again later.

I loved that game played it for 1000plus hours, there is few reasons why im not anymore

  1. Endgame becomes repetative after sometime
  2. There is no randomization in maps (I guess it is part of my reason 1.)
    3 I never feel that I am becoming stronger and this is comming from skills visuals

But this is amazing game on every other department especialy costumization of skills and items and I think every persons who likes arpg should try Grim Dawn
Thank u for the share

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100% agree.
I will probably come back to try one new char leveling it to 100 with this patch.
But after that im missing the endgame content that keeps me playing like i do with LE or PoE.
Still one of the best arpgs out there for sure.


Ditto… It’s strange how I definitely like GD and play it every now and again, but I always seem to get bored quicker than I expect to and I just forget about it after a playthrough… The end-game modes just never did it for me and while I definitely like the game, there is something that prevents me from putting in the hours with it…

I always find it interesting (if somewhat scary) to look at the hours I have spent in a game as a measure of how engaged I am/was… Only considering arpg games, I have well over 1000 hours in D3, 1300h in PoE, 1200h in LE (and still counting!) but only 450h in GD - less than half… I’ve played almost as much Torch2 & TQuest and they are not nearly as good as GD imho…

For me it just highlights how important the end-game is…


And now Grim Dawn finally after long due coming to Xbox.

Now you make me feel like creating a new Grim Dawn character (again) to check the changes…
That’s just mean, Vapourfire, you should know I have too many games to play already!


Now its the best time. I know what you will do on dec 10th :wink:

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Im comparing GD wall of text patch note to LE’s patchnote and the quality difference is…

And ive played GD and no hate. Just a casual observation

A good game in fact, but with a number of significant errors in game design that could not be solved due to their depth.
For example, tightly tying all damage to the cut of the resists. Despite the “indicative variety”, all builds boiled down to the same solutions. And the classes that have a smaller cut of resists are significantly inferior to the rest.

To be honest, at the moment the LE developers are making the same mistake, I hope they see it.

Well, no matter what, I see that now Grim Dawn is after a long time coming to Xbox. But not sure if I am going for it asap or if I should just wait.

One side of me wants to jump in straight away.
My other half can´t really defend the actual asking price, for now, such an “old” game. Even though you do get those so-called DLCs embedded into it.

i like this game but im also in the camp where maybe once a year we dust it off, make new characters, play it for a few days then just drift off when we get around endgame level.

i think for me the biggest issue is how stiff the game feels to play. the combat doesnt feel fluid, weighty, slick in the way you want it. its all really clunky and awkward. when you add to that the lack of random levels it really does make the game fall pretty far short of where id like it to be, despite many other aspects of the game being great.

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