Grim Dawn: Fangs of Asterkarn Announced!

A third expansion for Grim Dawn is hopefully coming sometime in 2024!

Here are some of the features:

Some of the other features are tracked in this reddit thread.

The new class will be a Berserker which will have the ability to shapeshift!
Here’s the splash art:



I’ve been watching the dev stream as well. I’ve always hoped for a third expansion but never thought it’d actually happen. There’s so many additions and changes coming in patch 1.2 and then in this expansion. So pumped!

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I know right! I’ve played the 4th and 5th season mod and they did amazing job with the new zones, so imagine what Crate will be able to do.

Also in case you missed it we’ll be able to playtest the new 1.2 patch right after the dev stream once chat stops asking silly questions. :smiley:


Also, Zantai just recently posted the official announcement for this new expansion.


Good grief… you cant keep a good old dog down… At this rate we will all be playing Grim Dawn in our assisted care old age homes…


Holy Mother of Odin!!!

Whoa. They must have finally solved it with the transform stuff.


for me, it’s Asterkarn. Been my favorite area in GD since I started playing back in 2017. Cannot WAIT!!!

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Wha-wha-whaaaat? I thought they were adamant about not doing any more expansions to GD while they worked on that city builder! :wink:


And thats sooner for some of us than others.


It’s ok, right now I split my time between Diablo and Baldur’s Gate, while waiting for Titan Quest to come out… I feel 25 years younger!


They couldn’t help themselves, I guess.
Their favorite word seems to be MOAR!

I think it’s great, since D4 was such a letdown it won’t be added to my ARPG rotation. GD has its place cemented for several more years.

Don’t mind me I’m just reviving a dead thread to test what my username is. But on topic I am excited for the GD expansion.

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Same here, I think Grim Dawn and D2 are my most played ARPG’s other than Last Epoch. Its awesome to see Grim Dawn still getting content!

For anyone interested, and the new Loyalist Item Pack will be available next week.