Grim Dawn 1.2.0 go BRRRRRRRRR

Added evade and several of the Grim internals QoL features directly to the game. A bunch of balance and game play mechanic updates as well. I could never stick with it through all the campaigns before, but these changes may just get me through. Grim Dawn 1.2.0 patch notes


Love GD. Love the fact we’re getting another loyalist pack. Love the fact we’re going to be getting an expansion into Asterkarn, my favorite area in GD and I’ve been begging for moar there for almost half a decade. :joy:. Love almost everything about this update but, and yeah, I know I’m going to get flack for this, I do NOT like the new Evade addition. Maybe it’ll grow on me but if it hasn’t in another few days or so I’m just going to unbind it.

GD and Crate are gems though. One of the few gaming companies I have brand loyalty to no matter what.


I don’t like evade either. We got jump skills in last expansion already and evade seems redundant.
I have other problem. I played GD over 2500h, i launched it recently after 1.2.0 release and i was like “meh, not into it right now”. Instead of excitement, just apathy. It was really disappointing to feel that way. I take breaks from games once in a while, so maybe that’s just it. Maybe expansion will handle me better.

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