Great Patch!

i just wanted to say that the new update is SUPER impressive!
the new environments / quests and mob / boss encounters updates until u reach the end of time for first time are so good, when and if the team will be able to do the same through out the whole campaign it would no doubt would make a really good ‘‘competition’’ to PoE imo

i’m honestly had a blast to play the new update content, well done!


I have to agree, love the new Eterra content. and I’m completely in love with my Rogue Marksman. Of course I did play Amazons (and Assassin) in D2 for a long time. Another thing that may just be my imagination is it seems like the things that drop (including modifiers) seem more applicable to my character in general. Or maybe it’s just that bows and quivers have more applicable affixes, I don’t know. Even the idols I feel like after a threshold I’ve been getting more specialized Rogue ones.

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