Great class reveal by Ziz and Maxroll

I just want to say I really enjoyed the Falconer reveal done by Ziz and Maxroll. It was organized and packaged well. Good information without overloading with too many details, focusing on showing what the class can do. These guys should do future reveals too.


I am the agree.

I am the agree too ! <3

The collab with many CC were cool and simple.

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This is the class I have been waiting for since alpha, I love it. Question though, why the hell isnt there a class info topic here by EHG? Its weird to make us go to a 3rd party site to get info, feeling a little GGGish.

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Wasn#t there an announcment that said they work with content creators to announce the new classes and we should look for it in the social networks? At least iirc.

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There was a discord announcement that the reveal was going to start.

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I very much agree.
So much better than the Warlock reveal.

Can’t wait to try out an Exsanguinating Strike build.

Thank you! We worked really hard on it so we’re super happy to see that people enjoyed it <3


Yeah, I enjoyed it. You could tell they read the thread about Warlock, and took some of the suggestions to heart.

Agreed. This is how the Warlock reveal should have been done and the difference was night and day. The difference in experience and professionalism really showed.

@McFluffin I feel like I’ve not been paying attention…

So an announcement on a 3rd party app that tells you to go to a 3rd party site, gotcha!


So are I