Graphics settings reseting/wonky

As previous topics about this too toxic or old, I’d like to make a new one.
On loading a new area, on minimizing game window, game very often change/reset graphics settings, like resolution, level of detail, etc. At some points (esp late game when you blast past areas) it gets very annoying and frustrating. Please help!
Full screen and window mode doesnt help.
Verification and deleting settings files also doesnt help.
DxDiag.txt (88.8 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (488 Bytes)
Player-prev.log (775.1 KB)
Adding funny image of how good game is looking

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Yes, this is happening to me. I start an Echo, turn Grass Detail to OFF, finish the echo and then start another one and the grass is back to FULL again. I’m trying to force change it to OFF now and restart the client and see what happens.

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Did this work for you Malorn?

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