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Graphics Card Temp Rising

When I booted up Last Epoch, I noticed that after maybe a couple of minutes my graphics cards (2x nvidia GTX 980 that are SLI’d) began to rise in temperature dramatically. I’ve played more graphically intense games on ultra settings with this set up and never have they heated up to that extent. It was like being near a toaster. Do I need to adjust some type of setting? Is there some kind of leak happening that’s causing my cards to heat up like that? I would really like to play this game but if my cards are going to heat up that much, I’m out. Any and all help (aside from cynical remarks) are much appreciated.

Try to turn off Shadows. I have gtx 1060 and with Shadow turn to low or higher game is unplayable and GPU usage and temp are extremly high.

Tried turning shadows to very low and if the option was available to off. I adjusted other settings and turned off most that I don’t normally play with as well. GPU usage still sitting at 100% and cards are hot within a few seconds.

Edit: Turned off SLI and still having 100% GPU usage. Cards took only a few more seconds to heat up.

Here’s what I’m running:

Intel® Core™ i7-5930K CPU @ 3.5GHz
64-bit OS
2x nVidia GTX 980 graphics cards (set to SLI mode)
Windows 10

I recommend playing around with the Render Mode setting on the bottom of advanced graphics.

Tried all the different renderings. 100% GPU usage on all. Turned everything to low. Still cranking at 100%.

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