Graphics abit outdated or is it me

graphics abit outdated or is it me

any plans to upgrade the graphics to modern standards?

Outdated compared to what? Here is a fun screenshot from 2019



They are, yea. Unfortunately, all you’ll get from the ARPG community is whataboutism - “but in PoE, they have it 10x worse”. Yea, just because something is way worse, it doesn’t mean what we’re comparing it to should get a pass.

The graphics are oudated, and they’ll become more oudated very, very fast, and - eventually - really bad, more-so than the natural progression of things. It’s a death sentence for games, at least in terms of graphics - and those can carry a lot of goodwill. You either have insane realistic graphics (most games don’t), or you go the cartoonish route. WoW and LoL will never die because of it. Those games still look good - and will continue to do so - after decades.

It’s an unfortunate decision on EHG’s part, really. The graphics look good, but clearly oudated, and in the years to come, it’ll only get worse. Am already envisioning the 2028 reveal for the engine overhaul!

Not to mention that the cost of making realistic graphics is way steeper. It’s overall just an objectively bad decision, and there’s no excusing it.

For me, I really want a good ARPG that’s not all dark. Torchlight 2 looked amazing - still looks amazing to this day.

D2 would like to disagree.

Nice graphics are always a bonus, but if a game is good, most players won’t care. Personally, I prefer to play PD2 to D2R, even if I have to see LoD graphics, just because PD2 is a lot more fun than D2R.


Graphics have changed a lot. A couple years ago the game was a lot darker. Then it got a little cartoonie. Then got another face lift at 1.0 launch. I think it looks good now. I just avoid class models I don’t want to stare at for 3 hours straight. Screen shots look good though.

Nobody would like to disagree, because you don’t operate on data, only on feelings. There are probably a few thousands of people left playing that game, and every company wants as many people as it can maintain.

Yes, but the fact that people STILL play the game 25 years later despite the fact that many other ARPGs have been released since speaks volumes.

Many players will be put off by the graphics and leave. Many players won’t because they just want a fun game. Both LE and D2 are fun games. Much like PoE was, despite having the same level of graphics until a few yeaars ago.

This isn’t really even a conversation. Graphics don’t make a good game. If they did D4 would be the best ARPG in existence instead of the reality that it’s horrible.


that actually looks better. look at that waypoint and those flat rocks. they look worse now.

the game looks a lot better when you force dx12 (when it doesnt crash doing so). i hope they put that in the options and fix the crashes it causes soon-ish

*at the end of the day when it comes to arpgs i really dont care about the graphics. i’d play a stick-figure black n white arpg if the animations/combat/fps was perfectly fluid 100% of the time.

Really? I love LE’s graphics. Looks like a great middle ground on the genre, like everything else LE has been built to be.

Well… lots of people still play Tibia to this day. So, “modern standard graphics” is surely not something that will dictate the longevity of a game.


I like the graphics in LE. Imo it looks better than D4… graphics, ui, items everything.


“modern standards” do you mean more and more fidelity beyond the point that it is even reasonable, do you mean pushing the detail so far in the name of realism that the artstyle is lost?

Not every game needs to be crysis.

Most of the best looking games still look good decades later, despite being far less graphical fidelity. Asking for detail to the point of AAA is just silly, especially when games like vampire survivers actually sell.


Graphic looks good. Whats more imporant is design. And they made excelent choice of design.
It will not age so fast.


The monsters do look better than the character models. Thats my only big gripe.

I dunno. Maybe good point it out but i dont noticed yet. Maybe because my wraithlord giving them ik before i even have chance to zoom on them to look :joy:

I take a lot of screen shots on my steam doodad. Looking through them, the monster models and especially some of the spell effects are just spectacular. The eye things, with the triangle beams, totally neato. Then you zoom into your model, and it looks like they were taken from a different game and stuck in LE.

Personally I don’t care about graphics as long as the speed of the game is fast.
They could have used D2 style graphics and it would have been fine with me.

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Are we conflating graphics with art style?

Could be a bit of both. Personally, I have no issue with the graphics or overall look of the game. To each their own.

The only thing I’d argue on that is the production values overall are better in D4 and it’s the only thing that game has going for it. Atmosphere, voice acting, cut scenes, cinematics etc in D4 are top notch. But Blizzard has TONS of money and literally had over 8,000 people work on the game. LE started with a couple and grew but still launched with less than 100 people working on the game to my knowledge and they had a fraction of the budget. Its rather sad that D4 the only thing it has going for it is graphics and production value. Yet Last Epoch, Grim Dawn, and POE are all light years ahead of D3 and D4 in every area it truly matters when it comes to gameplay. Graphically I think Le is the 2nd best on the market currently with only D4 beating it. Down the road possibly POE 2, Titan Quest 2, and Grim Dawn 2 could beat either. But those are way down the road.

Its a tiny studio compared to Buzzard, i honestly think the game looks pretty alright - some modals does look abit old, but my guess is that they are gonna be updating older modals over time. They make about 2-3% of wht blizzard makes money wise in an entire year, so we can’t really expect triple A graphics. its not helldiver with one map, its a very complicated ARPG with thousand of different modals to draw / create.