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Graphic Settings stuck on Streamer mode

Hi I would like to know how to turn off Streamer mode?
There is only option A,B or C in the graphics settings when streamer mode is click.
But there is no place for me to go back to my original settings, please can you help?
I am on Steam, Running on Windows 11 OS

Hey there…

This is a common issue with a corrupted settings file…

The solution to this issue is to simply remove the le_graphicsmanager.ini file while the game isnt running - the game will create a new one on startup that should fix this issue and allow you to change the settings again.

ps. you should put things like this in technical support or the bug section… you will get responses much faster normally… CS is best for things that ONLY EHG can help with and even then I personally would open a support request instead of posting here…

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