Graphic Bug on Monolith

I am hardly able to adept to the new art style, to be honest. :crazy_face:

After death (leaving map) everything was back to normal.

Thanks for the report! I haven’t had this issue internally but I have seen a few reports.

Could you please upload your log file? If you’ve exited the game and restarted since, upload the “Player-prev” file instead. Your system information would be very helpful as well.

Here are my files. While I am certain this bug occured during my last session I am not 100% sure so I post both log files. (17,6 KB) (91,9 KB) (20,5 KB)

Hi again. We haven’t had this problem internally so we can’t be sure, but we’ve deployed a potential fix for this issue in 0.7.7e. Please let us know (with the relevant files) if this happens again after you have the update.

Thank you!

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This bug only occurred this one time with the 0.7.7 patch. Never happened again.

So I’d say it might be fixed. I’d write a new post if it ever happens again.

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