Grand Echo Of Solarum doesn't drop


I made many times grand sun empowered, at corruption 100, I think 7-8 times, but void resistance doesn’t drop. Only unluck or I’m doing wrong? Do I need to kill boss at corrumption >100? It is becoming a little boring…


It is just unlucky. If your build can handle it try pushing to 200 corruption, then you get 5 blessing choices, which gives you more chance to get the right blessing.


Ok thanks
I can’t at 200, I still have medium gear and crap blessing, I always drop the same grand blessings and I can’t improve on this point. If I had some good blessings (resistances) it would be easier for me improve th gear.

Don’t hang up so much on a singular resistance.

Not having it capped is not the end of the world, as long as your other defensive layers are fine.

If you have like 50-60 void resistance for not with 1 or 2 gear pieces with void resistance that is fine.

I would add that it is quite easy to swap in gear to plug the resist gaps when you need it. Eg Rahyeh does Void damage but this is really the only place you need to worry about Void resist, so swap in Void Resist gear just for that fight. Idols are really good at letting you do this efficiently.

I rarely bother with resist capping, and just swap items if I feel the need.

Getting your crit avoidance to 100% is much more important than capping resists, imo.

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